Xenoblade Chronicles

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Xenoblade Chronicles
Xenoblade box artwork.png
European cover art
Developer(s) Monolith Soft
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Tetsuya Takahashi
Producer(s) Shingo Kawabata
Takao Nakano
Designer(s) Tetsuya Takahashi
Koh Kojima
Writer(s) Tetsuya Takahashi
Yuichiro Takeda
Yurie Hattori
Composer(s) Yoko Shimomura
Manami Kiyota
Yasunori Mitsuda[1]
Platform(s) Wii
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action role-playing, open world
Mode(s) Single-player

Xenoblade Chronicles, known in Japan as Xenoblade (ゼノブレイド Zenobureido?), is a science fiction role-playing video game developed by Monolith Soft.


In the beginning, the world had originally been nothing but an endless ocean. That was until two great titans—the Bionis (巨神 Kyoshin?) and the Mechonis (機神 Kishin?, Machine God)—came into existence. These two giants fought a timeless battle, until with one final strike, only their lifeless bodies remained, forever locked in combat.[6]

Eons later, civilizations founded by races of Bionis—including the humanoid Homs and the Nopon—came under attack from the Mechon (機神兵 Kishinhei?, Soldier of the Machine God), a horde of machines from Mechonis. The Homs fought to defend their existence, which would be settled at the Battle of Sword Valley.[6] Armed with the Monado, the only weapon that can penetrate Mechon armor, Dunban fought against the Mechon threat.[7] Those fighting alongside Dunban included Dickson, a seasoned traveler and old friend of Dunban, and Mumkhar, an honorless soldier who secretly wants the Monado for himself.[8]

During the battle, Dunban was almost overcome by the Monado's power and fell. While Dickson tried to help him, Mumkhar saw his own chance to escape.[9] While running, he fell down a slope and was killed by a horde of armed Mechon.[8] Dunban and Dickson, however, recovered quickly, and led a final charge against the approaching Mechon, completely destroying their army and winning the battle and restoring peace.[10] However, wielding the Monado caused great harm to Dunban's body, negating the use of his right arm.

One year after the battle, Shulk and Reyn return to their home in Colony 9 after surviving an attack from monsters.[11] Later, while helping with an errand, Shulk, Reyn and Fiora witness a large fleet of Mechon attacking Colony 9, catching both citizens and soldiers unprepared for the assault. Shulk and his friends return to find Dunban, who left his house to reobtain the Monado.[12] While racing to find him, the boys get separated from Fiora. Suddenly, Dunban, wielding the Monado once more, arrives to assist Shulk and Reyn. However, even when using his left arm this time, the Monado's power overwhelms Dunban once again, and he drops the weapon in agony. Shulk picks up the Monado, showing greater control over the weapon, and exhibits the ability to see enemies' future attacks.[13]

During the assault, they encounter a large "faced" Mechon leading the attack, called "Metal Face." Much to the group's disbelief, the Monado does almost nothing to Metal Face as it incapacitates them.[14] Fiora arrives in a tank to save them; however, Metal Face easily dismantles the tank and stabs Fiora, killing her.[15][15] The Mechon then withdraw from the devastated colony. Resolute, Shulk and Reyn leave Colony 9 to reach Galahad Fortress, the Mechon stronghold located at Sword Valley, while Dunban stays behind to let his injuries heal before following.[15][16][17]

Shulk and Reyn travel through the Bionis' leg, where they meet and recruit Sharla.[18][19] When Dunban and Dickson meet with the group, Shulk has a vision of him fighting Metal Face on a black island. Dickson deduces that the island is Prison Island, making its location—the Bionis' head—their next destination.[15] The group travels to Eryth Sea, where they must gain imperial sanction from Alcamoth, the High Entian capital, to enter Prison Island. On the way up, Melia and Riki join Shulk's group.[20][21] Shulk also meets Alvis, a male Homs who can use the Monado.[15]

In Alcamoth, Shulk's group manages to foil assassination attempts against them, while learning of Melia's identity as a princess of the imperial family.[22] Later, while meeting with Melia, Shulk has a vision of Metal Face killing the Emperor; before he can tell the others, Metal Face and the silver Nemesis Face lead a Mechon attack on Alcamoth. Realizing that the city's defenses will soon be overwhelmed, Melia's father, Emperor Sorean Antiqua, travels to Prison Island to try and counter the attack. Shulk, Melia, and the others travel there as well, where they meet Zanza, a Giant who claims to be the creator of the Monado, and the prisoner of the island. Zanza offers to "release the shackles" that prevent Shulk from harming Faced Mechon.[23] Shulk accepts, but Metal Face kills Zanza shortly afterward. Shulk fulfills the vision by quickly defeating Metal Face; however, Nemesis Face takes Shulk's killing blow to Metal, revealing a Homs with a mechanical body inside. The Homs is Fiora; however, she doesn't recognize Shulk, and leaves with the retreating Mechon.[24]

Shulk decides to follow the Mechon to Galahad Fortress, passing through the snowy Valak Mountain. On the way there, Fiora (inside Nemesis Face) comes to see Shulk, although she behaves and speaks benevolently, calling him "Heir to the Monado".[25] Metal Face suddenly appears and attacks, its operator revealed to be Mumkhar. During the resulting fight, Egil, the leader of Mechonis, intervenes to take Nemesis Face back with him.[26] The group follows Egil and his forces to Sword Valley, where they fight Mumkhar again, finally killing him.[27] At the heart of Galahad Fortress, the party encounter and fight Egil and Fiora, the latter being forced to fight them. Before Egil can eliminate the group, the one controlling Fiora, apparently hearing Fiora's plea to save Shulk, stops him, causing an explosion. Shulk jumps after Fiora's falling Mechon as the others are separated. Egil escapes, the power of Nemesis Face troubling him.[28]

Waking up from a dream, Shulk finds himself on the Mechonis' Fallen Arm. He finds Fiora and kisses her reviving her as her oldd self. Shulk learns that until the fall from the fortress, "someone else" was controlling Fiora's body, while she herself could only watch.[29][30] The two decide to find the others, finding Sharla and Reyn first. They reunite with Dunban and the others in a village, where they meet the people of Mechonis, the Machina.[31] Linada, a doctor, helps Fiora adjust to her new body; while Shulk and the others meet with Miqol, the village leader and father of Egil. Miqol requests them to to kill Egil, saying that Vanea, Egil's sister, will try to assist them.[32][33]

The group leave the village to reach the Mechonis capitol, Agniratha. During their journey, they are ambushed by Jade Face, who is revealed to be Gadolt, Sharla's fiance. Somehow surviving an attack that would have killed them otherwise, the group meets Vanea shortly afterward. As Vanea wishes for peace between the denizens of the Bionis and Mechonis, she takes them to Agniratha. Once there, Fiora is temporarily taken over by Meyneth, the goddess of the Mechonis and the "other person" from before. Shulk and the others learn that the Bionis and Mechonis were once at peace with one another, before the former inexplicably attacked the latter, killing many of the Machina. Understanding Egil's desire for revenge, the group heads for the Meyneth Shrine, where Egil is located.[15]

After a brutal fight, Egil reactivates the Mechonis, beginning the attack on the Bionis. After entering to the Mechonis Core, Shulk reconciles with Egil, beginning a truce between them. However, Shulk is shot in the back by Dickson, revealing himself to be a "Disciple of Zanza". At this time, Zanza, the god of the Bionis, is revived from Shulk's body and takes the Monado to lay waste to Mechonis. In the ensuing fight, Fiora loses Meyneth's Monado, which Zanza takes for himself, expelling Meyneth in the process. Egil stays within the Mechonis to give the party enough time to escape, although Zanza destroys him, much to Vanea's dismay.[15]

With life on the Bionis in chaos, Fiora, Dunban, and the others take Shulk's body with them to escape. As they pass over Sword Valley, Lorithia, a member of the High Entian court, turns out to be another Disciple, turning all High Entia nearby (save for Melia) into Telethia as well. The party fights back, retreating to Colony 6 with Telethia in tow. Meanwhile, Shulk and Alvis speak to each other through the former's dream, with Alvis subtly encouraging Shulk to continue. Shulk reawakens just in time, using a Monado-esque Machina weapon to fight off Zanza's forces. At the same time, Alvis reveals himself as the final Disciple. Shulk lets him go, saying that his allegiance does not matter.[15]

After defending Colony 6, the group travels through the Bionis' intertior to defeat Lorithia, then to Prison Island to defeat Dickson. The party then finds themselves in what appears to be a simulation of the Solar System. At the end of the simulation, they catch a brief view of the planet Earth before facing Zanza, now a god-like monster wielding two Monados. He voices his intent to create a new world, as the current world is no longer needed, and offers to make Shulk immortal; resolute, Shulk rejects the offer, saying that what Zanza wants is not friendship. Partway into the ensuing battle, Shulk, encouraged by Alvis, calls the True Monado, which he uses to destroy Zanza.

After the battle, Alvis appears before Shulk, and shows him a vision of the past, in which Zanza was once a human scientist named Klaus. He and Meyneth performed an experiment that attempted to create a new universe, but accidentally destroyed their universe and caused the two of them to become gods. They then created the universe of the Bionis and Mechonis. Alvis reveals that he was originally the administrative computer of the space station where the experiment was performed. Alvis then informs Shulk that their world is expiring, and that Shulk, as its new god, must decide the world's fate. Shulk chooses to recreate the universe as a world without gods, causing the Bionis to collapse and fall.[15][34] In the epilogue, Homs, High Entia, Nopon, and Machina are all shown living peacefully together in the new world, the Bionis has fallen, and Fiora has been restored to a Homs. Life goes on, with everyone both anxious and excited for the future.


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