Final Fantasy IX

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Final Fantasy IX
North american box art of the game, depicting some of the main characters. From left to right: Garnet, Vivi, Steiner, Zidane, Amarant.
Developer(s) Square
Director(s) Hiroyuki Ito
Producer(s) Hironobu Sakaguchi
Shinji Hashimoto
Programmer(s) Hiroshi Kawai
Artist(s) Hideo Minaba
Writer(s) Hironobu Sakaguchi[1]
Composer(s) Nobuo Uematsu
Series Final Fantasy
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation Network
Release date(s) PlayStation
  • JP July 7, 2000
  • NA November 14, 2000
  • EU February 16, 2001
  • AUS February 22, 2001
PlayStation Network
  • JP May 20, 2010
  • PAL May 26, 2010
  • NA June 15, 2010
Genre(s) Role-playing game
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Final Fantasy IX (ファイナルファンタジーIX Fainaru Fantajī Nain?) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the Sony PlayStation video game console. Originally released in 2000, it is the ninth title in the Final Fantasy series and last to debut on the PlayStation. In 2010 it was re-released as a PSone Classics title on the PlayStation Network. The game introduced new features to the series like the 'Active Time Event', 'Mognet', and a unique equipment and skill system.

Final Fantasy IXTemplate:'s plot centers on a war between nations. Players follow a young thief named Zidane Tribal, who joins with others to defeat Queen Brahne of Alexandria, the one responsible for starting the war. The plot shifts, however, when the characters realise that Brahne is working with an even more threatening person called Kuja.


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RTA Speedrun Guide by Webster141 RTA
30/04/2014 Webster141


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Rank Name Console/Emulator Time Date Verified Video Stream

1 Spain Luzbelheim PSX 9:04:17 12/10/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
2 USA CaracarnVi PSX 9:08:06 06/02/2013 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
3 USA KRob16 PSX 9:15:22 28/07/2014 Verified.png Video.pngVideo.png Twitchicon.png
United Kingdom puwexil PSX 9:21:25 01/01/2013 Verified.png Video.pngVideo.png Twitchicon.png
USA Webster141 PSX 9:22:04 26/07/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
USA BZeromus PSX 9:23:32 14/07/2013 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
USA Spikevegeta PSX 9:26:05 Notverified.png Twitchicon.png
France Ysangwen PSX 9:27:03 Notverified.png Twitchicon.png
USA Acefrog PSX 9:40:01 12/02/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
Sweden Dtchow PSX 9:48:39 11/06/2014 Verified.png
USA Elfonzyo PSX 10:04:47 17/08/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
United Kingdom Cereth PSX 10:05:37 17/03/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
France SergeBenamou31 PSX 10:10:55 29/10/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
Sweden Deathtome PSX 11:17:54 09/08/2014 Verified.png Video.png Twitchicon.png
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