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Lyphiune Titter

Deathtome is known for his Final Fantasy Series skills playing both Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII mainly.


Deathtome is easy for laughs and interacts with viewers very well. Runs are entertaining to watch as he acapellas some songs in games which is very well received amongst viewers. He is very informative and aren't afraid of answering questions regarding the game he runs.

Personal Bests

Game Category Time Console/Emulator Video Date
Final Fantasy VII SS (No Slots) 6:56:08 PC Here 27/10/2013
Final Fantasy VII SS (Glitchless) 7:15:24 PC Here Unknown
Final Fantasy VII RTA (Yuffie Warping) 3:19:25 PC Here Unknown
Final Fantasy VII SS (No Slots) 8:20:38 PS2 Here! Dec 31, 2013
Chaos Legion RTA (Sieg - Easy) 2:19:15 PS2 Here 04/11/2013
Final Fantasy VIII RTA 8:46:54 PC Here 12/13/2013
Chaos Legion RTA Sieg Normal% 2:52:17 PS2 Here 12/01/2013
Chaos Legion SS Sieg Normal% 1:51:52 PS2 Here 01/13/2014
Chaos Legion SS Sieg Hard% 1:59:52 PS2 Here 01/13/2014


  • 27/10/2013 - First player to get sub 7 hours in Final Fantasy VII Single Segment PC with a time of 6:56:08.


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